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Stuart Millheiser Podcast #123



Stuart has been broadcasting regularly now for well over 9 months. In this latest podcast we learn the history of stuart millheiser and exactly how he started his charity and life. Goodpoliticsradio.com will now focus on this amazing individual and how he has changed the lives of thousands.

He was born into a Brooklyn, New York neighborhood in the 1960’s. His passion in life was education and he excelled at school, despite being born into a rough and poverty filled city. He went on to graduate college and soon after graduated with honors from his university. He founded Pecos Pharmaceuticals and grew the company into a great successful business. After operating the business for many years, he decided to sell it and retire early. A few years into retirement, he realized that sitting around playing golf was not his passion in life. He wanted to get back to work, but what could he do? One day his daughter came home from school and told him of a heartbreaking story of one of her classmates. Her dad was in the Marines and he was bed-ridden with ALS. The girl was forced to take care of her father and as such, she missed out on her school and studies. Stu’s daughter asked him if there was anything he could do. Stuart looked into the situation and decided to help pay the mortgage of their house and covered the cost of a stay-at-home day keeper (to take care of the dad) so that his daughter could go to school. Soon after Stuart formed ALS Guardian Angels, a 501(c)(3) non profit charity that specialized in helping people with ALS, whom society has given up on.

ALS Guardian Angels

The organization gives 100% of ALL donations to the people with ALS. Stuart does not take a salary, nor does he use donation money to buy office supplies. To keep operating costs down, Stuart works from his home office (read: his kitchen) and funds the charity from his own bank account. The organization is dedicated to helping those who do not have any money and cannot afford to buy things in life. From such things as eye glasses to prescription medicine, to paying the heating bill so they can have heat during the wintertime. The work Stuart does is not glamorous. People with ALS are often bed-ridden and cannot care for themselves. One of the more famous people with ALS is Stephen Hawking. He has a different form of the disease, as most people with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis die due to the fact that there is no known cure. ALS Guardian Angels is about giving immediate help to those in desperate need of care or money to maintain a liveable quality of life. They sometimes run fundraisers dedicated to getting public awareness for ALS.


Here is a photo of Stuart with an ALS patient.

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Here is a video about ALS Guardian Angels and Stuart Millheiser

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does ALS Guardian Angels pay out a salary or use donations for expenses?
A: No, 100% of all money donated goes DIRECTLY to ALS patients.

Q: Who funds the day-to-day operating expenses of the charity?
A: When the donation money does not cover, or runs out, Stuart goes into his personal bank account to fund whatever is needed for the particular ALS patient he is helping.

Q: Where is Stuart Millheiser located?
A: He is based out of San Juan Capistrano, and so is the charity, ALS Guardian Angels.

Q: How can I donate money?
A: Simply visit the ALS website and click on “contact us” for more info.

Q: Where can I learn more about Stu and information about his charity?
A: There are many websites out there that have great resources on finding more information about him. Wikipedia, Crunchbase and even StuartMillheiser.com are all good places to start your search.

Q: What is the phone number of Stuart?
A: You can reach him on the telephone at: 949.488.9894

Q: Instead of donating money, can I donate vehicles or other items that might help people?
A: Yes! Be sure to contact Stuart first to see if there is someone with a need. If not, he will put them item in storage until a suitable applicant can be found.

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March 4, 2015